Boston, MA: Research Associate- Stem Cell Biology

Research & Development

A local client of AP Biosciences is seeking a highly-collaborative temporary stem cell biologist with strong interpersonal and communication skills to join their group with the following qualifications


  • Demonstrated competency working with human stem cells in antibiotic free media.
  • Ability to simultaneously culture and maintain multiple cell lines.
  • Molecular biology experience is desired but not required. Experience especially with gene editing (CRISPR), use of lentiviral expression, DNA and RNA isolation and use of next generation sequencing is desirable.
  • *Must be local to the Greater Boston area*
  • Education: M.S. degree and 1-5 years of experience or a B.S. and 4-9 years of experience required in stem cell, developmental, neurobiology or cell biology or history of developing cellular models in a drug discovery setting

If you have experience in the following and would like to discuss this great opportunity please reach out to me directly at [email protected] to get more information! I look forward to connecting with you.



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Greater Boston

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