Find Talent

AP Biosciences thrives by rapidly meeting our customers’ needs, providing highly qualified individuals with unique specializations and years of experience doing that exact work. We don’t send resumes, we send qualified candidates.

 AP Biosciences is focused on offering permanent search and technical consulting solutions to the life sciences industry. Our efforts are geared to partnering with organizations focused on:


Research & Development 
Process Sciences & Engineering 
Quality & Compliance
Clinical Research
Regulatory Affairs
 Medical Affairs
Data Science 
Information Technology






Potential AP Biosciences candidates are sourced using a variety of recruitment methods including direct recruitment,  referrals, and advanced search technologies. We put an emphasis on candidates sourced through direct recruitment and referrals, as these candidates have a recommendation from a known source, or are currently working on assignment in our core service market. To be certified as an AP Biosciences candidate, each new prospect must undergo a rigorous, multi-step qualification and review process. Only the very best make it in.




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