Contractor Services

Our Contractor Services Program team provides contractors with timely support and assistance during their assignment. Once an AP Biosciences consultant has started his or her assignment, AP Bioscience’s Contractor and Client Service Team steps in with regular follow up to the consultant and the client to make sure that both parties are satisfied and everything is in place to have a successful assignment. These programs were established to provide an enhanced level of service support for our consultants and customer managers we serve. Our goal is to work with you to optimize your work experience. 

Other services we provide to our contractors are, but not limited to:

  • Hotel discounts
  • Submitting timecards/expenses
  • Pay and expense discrepancies resolution
  • Benefits support
  • Business cards
  • Periodic in-person visits
  • Local contractor appreciation events

We also make use of periodic surveys to rate our consultants experience and provide ideas on how the respective clients can improve contractor efficiency and retention. Our goal is to ensure a higher percentage of successful assignment completions. 

If you have any questions please reach out to: 

Karen DiCenzo
Contractor Services Manager
Phone: 978.474.9980 x9752
Email: [email protected]


Ashley Federico
Contractor Services Representative
Phone: 978.289.9780
Email: [email protected]