AP Biosciences: Your Total Staffing Partner

Contract and Permanent Solutions for the New England Area

With demand for technical talent at an all-time high, firms across the country are turning to staffing and recruiting partners that can help them meet their hiring goals. As such, there are hundreds of staffing firms vying to become any given company’s partner of choice. While there are plenty of staffing companies kicking around, AP Biosciences is different and offers clients in the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries a better option.

Your Local Staffing Experts

Just because there are plenty of options when it comes to a staffing partner, doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. Search firms differ greatly in size, industry focus, and geographic service areas. Some larger firms have hundreds of employees and serve a multitude of different industries and clients across the United States. This can lead to a situation where a company is just one of the many served, and its opening may or may not be the top priority.

AP Bio takes a different approach. We’re a small team where our only focus is serving clients in the biosciences industry. We take a consultative approach to staffing and recruiting where we value long-term client success over simply filling individual listings. Additionally, through our years of experience working the local market, we’ve built a pool of qualified mid- to high-level technical professionals who are able and willing to work when and where they’re needed. We primarily source our candidates through direct efforts and referrals ensuring these candidates have recommendations from multiple trusted sources or are currently working in the biosciences industry. Being an AP Biosciences candidate means they’ve undergone a multi-stop qualification and review process ensuring that only the best technical professionals make the cut.

The Best of Both Worlds: Contract and Permanent Placement Solutions

Most companies in the staffing and recruiting industry focus on either permanent placement or contract staffing solutions, not both. If a company has a preferred contract staffing partner and is only looking for permanent hires, they’re out of luck and vice versa. AP Biosciences is a wholistic staffing company that offers direct hire services, contract placement, and project solutions to meet a variety of staffing needs regardless of a project’s scope. With our industry knowledge, footprint, and staffing expertise, we are able to rapidly deliver mid- to senior-level technical professionals tailored to your organization’s needs.

Choose AP Biosciences

If you’re looking for a way to streamlined way to meet your hiring needs, look no further than AP Biosciences. Our specific industry and geographic focus mean we’re unmatched when it comes to providing the best contract resources and permanent hires in the New England area. Whether you need to hire one person, or ten, AP Biosciences is the one-stop shop for technical talent. To learn more about our service offerings please visit www.apbiosciences.net/find-talent or give us a call at 617.556.0105.